Transparent LCD Display

The inside product can be seen through the screen while the pictures or videos
are showed.
Support functions: 1080HD Display ,Rolling Text, Daily Timer,Automatically
Turn On/Off at Set Time.
It will strength customers’ experience on product brand with the combination of
digital information and the actual product display.


  • Watch ,cusmetics and jewelry Stores.Attract customer’s attention and raise excitement.
  • Resting Rooms.Disseminate latest info in an unexpected way.
  • Multifunctional decoration. On wall table, embedded in fixture…and so on.
  • No need to worry about software or special video production. Our Transparent LCD display can automatically turn all pictures and videos into transparency.
  • Not just a display but also a monitor. Our Transparent LCD display includes VGA input In addition to playing multimedia files,it can also be used as a monitor when connected to devices such as PC or DVD player.

Size Options
10.2″ ,12.1″ , 19″ , 22″ , 24″ , 26″ , 32″ , 38″ , 42″ , 46″ , 47″ , 50″ , 65″ ,
All together 13 options of size.

Display Fun
Action and Specificationof Built-in Media Player:

  • Hd12- All in one Board.
  • Supports USB updating ,CF/SD memory card and usb drive: It is more convenient for customers to change playing files,and the memory card is able to plug or take off when power on.
  • Great video decoding capability: Max support 1920×1080 full HD resolution.
  • Compatible file formats:MPG1/2/4,H264,RM,RMVB,MJPEG,VC1,DivX,and FLV.
  • Includes VGA out put : Not just a display but also a monitor.
  • Support 23 kinds of multinational language: Chinese,English,French and Russian and so on.
  • SYNC: Reading audio files when pictures playing,so as to pictures have background music effects,meanwhile,Pictures switch 11 different transition effects, choice of 6 different playing time.
  • Timer switch function :Support the sixth the time sharing volume and sixth timing has’’ weeks timing(day different time requirements.) and Daytiming (dailyairtime)…etc Humanized options.