Outdoor LED Display

Product Description

Super uniform picture : Screen body picture basic uniformity is 5%, the highest uniformity is 1%

Ready for work all day: Can adapt to the large brightness, temperature, humidity, change and other various harsh climate environment.

Super detection function: Detection in the display pixel is failure, remote transmission pixels working condition realtime.

A new mask design: make a LED light almost to zero reflection, guarantee the screen body display effect.

High flatness: The roughness coefficient < 0.5mm, power factor as high as 88% above.

Diversification of the input signal: can support RF, S-VIDEO, RGBTV, YUT, YC, COMPOSITION and so on Stage signal.

Durability: Using high temperature spraying technology, greatly improve the antirust function; Luminous module warranty ten years, mask non-glare, ultraviolet radiation resistant, five years do not fade.

Low heat radiation: It is not necessary to use air conditioning refrigeration, heating in case their forty degrees below.

Rich display mode: Provide rolling, mobile, open, close, flicker, rotating, snow and so on many kinds of display mode and support 2, 3D animation.
In order to avoid line damp and oxidation: Circuit board using wave soldering process, and has the green oil every oxygen layer, improve the service life.

High waterproof performance:On the back of the module with waterproof ring, positive with the use of high quality imported rubber for encapsulating compound.

Outdoor LED Module