Indoor LED Display

High performance: module and module roughness coefficient

High brush rate and high gray, meet different high visual quality requirements

Super detection function: real-time Detection in the LCD pixel is failure, remote transmission pixels working condition . East bright Ph6 and PH7.62 not only suitable for display soft quality(puiliang), also can be in light very plenty of half outdoor environment distinguishing(super bright) .

High flatness: Housing roughness coefficient < 0.5mm, power factor as high as 88% above. Display the luminous unit using three colors(red, green, blue) the 4096 level gray constitute a color, make the electronic screen realize display color is rich, high saturation, high resolution, display frequency high dynamic image.

Low fever: it is not necessary to use air conditioning refrigeration, heating in case their forty degrees below. Rich display mode: provide rolling, mobile, open, close, flicker, rotating, snow and so on many kinds of display mode and support 2, 3D animation.

In order to avoid line damp and oxidation: Circuit board using wave soldering process, and has the green oil every oxygen layer, improve the service life. High waterproof performance: the module with waterproof ring, positive with the use of high quality imported rubber for encapsulating compound.

The products are widely used in large sports venues, train waiting room, television programs broadcast field, exhibition venues, performing arts center, entertainment places, large literature evening party, the concert site, etc.

Indoor LED Module